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Master Projects

·         Jimmy Lindsey, Multiclass Classification with SVMs on Apache Spark, Spring 2018

·         Patrick Hovsepian, Energy Consumption Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms for Various Datacenter Topologies and Task Sizes, Spring 2018

·         Eric S K Simmons, Song Prediction Using Apache Spark, Spring  2018

·         Danqi Chen, A Django based Basketball Application, Fall 2017

·         Xiaoming Liu,  Website Clickstream Data Analysis Base on Hadoop, Fall 2017

·         Pragya Tak, BlockZomb: A strategy to block DDoS invasion based on Software Defined Networking , Fall 2017

·         Sivasankar Periasamy, Effective Replication using Message Broker, Spring 2016

·         Pouya Naghizadeh, Performance and Security of E-commerce Systems on Cloud Platform, Spring 2016

·         Dipesh Rajendra Malar, Implementation of Virtualization Technology, Spring 2016

·         Nagaraju Dachepally, Towards Online Shortest Path, Spring 2016

·         Hwa Sung Lee, Distributed Processing of Popularity-Aware Spatial Keyword Queries on Road Networks, Spring 2016

·         Bowen Tian, A Secure Data Allocation Scheme for Heterogeneous Hadoop Systems: SecHDFS, Spring 2016

·         Harsh JagdishKumar Dodiya, Airline Reservation System, Fall 2015

·         Jonathan Sudhakar, Social Business Card, Spring 2015 

·         Deep Mehta, Evaluation of Big Data Frameworks: Hadoop and Spark, Spring 2015

·         Nghia Huynh, Multichannels Online Group Collaboration Platform, Fall 2014

·         Ravneet Kaur Rai, Dental Management System, Fall 2014

·         Ida Hashemi, Transitioning from Management to Engineering, Spring 2014


Master Thesis

·         Mutalifu Kuerban, DOS Attack Mitigation Strategy on SDN Controller, Fall 2016


Graduate Independent Studies

·         Jimmy Lindsey, Machine Learning on Apache Spark, Fall 2017

·         Patrick Hovsepian, A Survey on Cloud Orchestration Principles & Strategies, Fall 2017

·         Bowen Tian, Secure Data Allocation for Heterogeneous Hadoop Systems, Spring 2016

·         Sivasankar Periasamy, Big Data on Cloud, Fall 2015.

·         Deep Mehta, Performance Analysis between Hadoop and Spark, Fall 2014.

·         Monil Wani, Design and Cracking an Encryption/Decryption Algorithm, Fall 2014.

·         Jiusong Gao, Effective File Sharing Solution for Cloud-based Mobile Applications, Fall 2014.

Summer Intern

·         Kevin Lam, Diamond Bar High School, Summer 2018

·         Robbie Jones, Troy Tech High school, Summer 2014, Admitted by Computer Science Department, Stanford University, 2015

·         Minah Kim, Troy Tech High school, Summer 2014, Admitted by Computer Science Department, New York University, 2015

Summer Research Experience


·         Son Tran, Golden West College, Summer 2018, transferred to UC, Berkeley fall 2018

·         Sarai Sanchez, Golden West College, summer 2018

·         Thu Nguyen, Orange Coast College, Summer 2018, transferred to UC, Irvine fall 2018

·         Vincent Tran, Orange Coast, Summer 2017, transferred to UC, Irvine fall 2017

·         MHD Anas Alaya, Golden West College, Summer 2017


·         Brian Choi,  Santiago Canyon College, Summer 2016  

·         Waymon Ho, Citrus College, Summer 2014; Transferred to CSUF in Fall 2014

·         Richard Jung, Citrus College, Summer 2014

·         Amy Aranda, Citrus College, Summer 2014; Transferred to CSUF in Fall 2014

·         Luis Villarreal, Citrus College, Summer 2014